• 6 May 2019
As we all know it’s becoming more and more important to save our planet and to do as much as we possible to be eco-friendly. At Maud Creation Florale, we do our part for the nature; and of course its in our genes and it’s our job to be green.  As a result of our requests, our largest product suppliers, one of them OASIS® created an eco-friendly floral foam, OASIS® NATUREBASE®. This floral foam, unlike the standard foam, is almost completely biodegradable and shortly they will make it 100% eco-friendly.

At Maud Creation Florale, we have started working with this floral foam and it would be a great advantage to the environment and we suggest that you too, should request this from your florists. It’s the smallest things that make the greatest difference!

For those of you who are interested to become even more green and would like to work with us; We also offer a vase exchange project. This way there would be no more plastic waste.  We would be very happy to send more information on this service.
Thank you very much for becoming more eco-friendly and green and we look forward to hearing from you.